Belgian Medals for the Congo (Page 2)

Order of the Crown Officer, Palms,
and Medal of the Order

Gold Medal of the Order of the African Star
& Silver Medal of the Order of the Lion

Type 1, Leopold II Service Medal, Type 2,
Albert Service Medal,and Type 3
(Mature) Leopold III Service Medal


Type 5 Baudouin French Only Service Medal
Type 7 Baudouin Crown Suspension Service Medal

Service Medals for Natives: Type 3 Leopold III 1937-1950,
Type 6 Baudouin bilingual version 1955-1960
with civilian and military ribbons

Type 1 1899 Leopold II Service Stars and Baudouin Service Star

Type 2 Service Stars (After 1910): Gold and silver Albert I
& gold Leo III versions

Service Star: Type 1 1899 with one and four bars

Merit Medal for Native Chiefs Leopold III Type (1934-1953)
Obverse and reverse suspended from a neck chain

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