Belgian Medals for the Congo (Page 4)

Medals of Family Merit, Agricultural Merit & Artisan Merit

It May Look Like a Medal:

This apparent medal has many of the attributes of a bilingual Service Medal,
but is actually a badge with the individual's rank,
Assistant Commisioner of Police in both Flemish and French.

Unofficial Medals for Veterans of Leopold II
and for Congo Life Guards
Scientific Medal

Special thanks to the generosity of Frederic de Perier, Emmanuel Halleux and Hendrik Meersschaert, Willy Dufossex, Hugo and Jeannnine Jacobs and Werner Van Brempt

Note on the Ribbons of Belgian Heraldic Orders
The Belgian Orders with gold stripe(s) on their ribbons were instituted under Royal Decree of June 24, 1919, which stipulated a number of modifications in order to recognize civilians for their services during the World War I. If the Order was awarded for an act of exceptional bravery and the recipient was mentioned in the nation's Order of the Day, gold thread edges and a gold star were added to the ribbon. If recognized for an act of bravery of a lesser degree, which didn't warrant mention in the Order of the Day, the gold star was omitted. If recognized for distinguished services during hostilities, a central gold stripe added to the ribbon. If recognized for highly distinguished services in war or welfare work, a silver star was added to the ribbon. In 1946 a decree was issued to extend these distinctions for similar acts or services during WWII.

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