The Combatant Order

The Combatant Order was established in three classes May 15, 1947. This medal bears the inscription, VIETNAM DAN-CHU CONG-HOA (Democratic Republic of Vietnam). It was originally awarded for exploits against the French and Japanese Occupation Forces and was worn from a short pentagonal ribbon of dark blue. The class is distinguished by the number of stars on the ribbon (three stars being first class).

This particular example was captured in a Viet Minh camp located at Luc Nam in July 1950 by 2LT Jacques Jaubert from teh 8th Regiment de Tiraileur Marcoains. It was found in a red cardboard box of issue with the smalle photograph of Joseph Stalin.

The Original Combatant Order (Courtesy of the Christophe Dutrone Collection)
and Version 2 of the Combatant Order Huan Chuong Chien Sy (Courtest of Peter Aitken)
and Another Version 2 (courtesy of Geoff Oldham)

A second obsolete version of the Combatant Order closely resembles the current version very closely except for the inscription, which reads , HUAN CHUONG CHIEN SY (Combatant Order). The inscription on the current version reads, HUAN HUONG CHIEN CONG (feat of Arms Order)