Defeat American Aggression Badge

This tiny (30mm) and colorful badge, which dates from 1965, was awarded to units and individuals, who performed outstanding services against American forces. This included any individual, who took part in combat after August 2, 1964 and received a commendation or the appellation good fighter. The obverse of the 12-pointed star depicts three women clutching rifles. The red blouse represents farmers; the green blouse represents soldiers and the blue blouse represents workers. The inscription reads, QUYET-TAM-DANH-THANG GIAC MY XAM-LUOC (resolved to defeat American Aggression). The badge is suspended from a red, hero-style bar, with a gold star. The bar measures 19mm by 5mm.

Some other early medals and badges of the NVA/VC struggle against America include:
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 Ho Chi Minh Insignia
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 Defeat American Aggression Badge