The Resistance Order

The original Resistance Order was instituted on August 20, 1948. It was awarded to units and individuals for military service between 1946 and 1954 and again, between a period after 1954 and 1975. It was "communized" sometime after the First Indochina War. Original examples remain relatively elusive, except for brief photographic glimpses in Vietnam museum displays. The medal is essentially in the shape of two overlain crosses. The first is a Cross Formee, which is often referred to as the "Croix de Guerre" shape, which originated with the Imperial Russian St. George Cross. It would make sense that the design was influenced by the long-term French presence in Indochina. The second "inside the arms" cross is best described as a Maltese Cross a-saltyre, or a cross with dovetailed rays. The central disk on the obverse contains crossed swords and the inscription, VIETNAM KHANG CHIEN Vietnam Resistance), in gilt on a red background. Warning: slightly smaller fakes have begun to show up in the Saigon militaria market.

and Original Resistance Order
With War Cross (on left)

Heroic Mother Thai Thi Thinh
wearing both the modern and obsolete
Versions of the Resistance
Order above her left breast