Burkina Faso

National Order, Obsolete National Order of Upper Volta and Obsolete Medal of Merit of Upper Volta

National Order Commander, Military Medal
and Order of Rural Development
Campaign Medal with CENTRAFRIQUE clasp

MOH Penitentiary Service & MOH Military

    Other Post-Colonial Medals
  • Campaign Medal
  • MOH Firemen
  • MOH Water & Forestry Service MOH Local Collectives
  • MOH Military
  • MOH Penitentiary Service
  • MOH Police
  • National Order
  • Order of Merit Arts & Letters
  • Order of Merit Burkinabe
  • Order of Merit Commerce & Industry
  • Order of Merit for Rural Development
  • Order of Merit Youth & Sport
  • Palms Academics
  • Military Medal
  • MOH Customs Service
  • Order of the Red Star of Resistance*
  • Order of the Flame of the Revolution*
  • Order of the Star of Nahouri*
  • Order of Merit Upper Volta *
  • National Order of Haute Volta*
  • Labor Order*

*Obsolete Orders