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Medals for Construction of:
(1) Palaces and (2) Phnompenh-Sihanoukville Railroad

Other Medals of the Kingdom of Cambodia Before 1975

  • Commemorative for the Royal Crusade for Independence
  • Order of the Republic
  • Satrei Vathan Medal of Feminine Merit
Cambodia Post 1994

Following the takeover of the country by the bloody-rule of the communist Khmer Rouge, a constitutional monarchy was restored under United Nations sponsored elections in 1993. This government was strengthened in 1998 by the formation of a coalition. The new Kingdom has again begun to issue medals. The following medals, altered in some cases and added in others, are currently being issued:

Name Comment
Medal of National Merit Neck collar - only one award to date
Royal Order Five classes with Cambodian Royal Crown
National Independence Medal Single Class and not the same as the prior Order
Sena Jayasseddh Medal New ribbon combination
National Defense Medal New ribbon, three classes (gold, silver & bronze)
Royal Order of Sahametrei Five classes
Royal Order of Sowartha Five classes
Royal Order of Moniseraphon Five classes
Medal of Labor Three classes (gold, silver & bronze)
Khemeara Kelarith Sports Medal Three classes (gold, silver & bronze)
Satrei Vathana Medal Three classes (gold, silver & bronze)
National Construction Medal Three classes hero-style suspension
Royal Order of the Queen Five Classes and updated portrait

The following images reflect those Orders and Medals, which have been changed.

Order of National Merit, Order of Independence, andSena Jayasseddh Medal and Order of the Queen

Labor Medal, Medal of National Defense Satrei Vathana Medal of Feminine Meritand National Construction Medal 1994

Royal Order, Revised (2004) New Order of the Queen
Royal Order of Sowartha and Khemara Kelarith Sport Merit Medal

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