Order of Merit (1924-)
The French Commissioner of Cameroon established the Order of Merit for Native Labor in 1924 to recognize service rendered to cultural organizations, the development of natural resources or the development of commerce and industry. It was awarded in three classes, gilt-bronze, silver-bronze and bronze. The original design was a 41mm circular medal with a native cultivating a field on the obverse. The reverse is inscribed in French, Territory of Cameroon around the upper edge and Native Merit in the center. It is suspended from a tri-fold ribbon in the French national colors (red, white and blue).

Three additional designs also exist. The second design (1946) is identical to the original medal with the exception of the reverse inscription, which reads, Merit Cameroon. The third design, intended for presentation to Europeans, has a distinct obverse. It features a native woman's head in profile with the letters RF (Republic Francais) on either side and in French below her head, CAMEROUN.

The fourth and final design uses the original obverse with a straight suspension ribbon of 18 repeating stripes of yellow, red and green.

Colonial Medals 

Cameroon Order of Merit 1st, 2nd (reverse) and 3rd versions

Railway Medal of Honor

Post Colonial Medals

Order of Valor Plague, Valor Medal 1957, 1961 and 1972

Post-Colonial Medals of Merit
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