Democratic Republic of Congo

The medals of the Republic of Zaire (RZ) (1965-1997) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (1960-1965 and 1997- ) are distinguished either by a change in the ribbon combination or by the reverse inscription or both.

The Civic Merit, Agricultural Merit, Sport Merit and Arts and Sciences Merit medals exchange a blue ribbon stripe (DRC) for a green ribbon stripe (Zaire) and change the reverse inscription from the DRC to RZ.

The Order of Zaire, Order of the Leopard and the Cross of Bravery, all have differing reverse inscriptions (RZ or DRC). In addition, the RZ Order of Zaire has a distinct ribbon combination and a slightly altered obverse design and the RZ Order of Leopard has a green center in lieu of the blue center used by the DRC. The Military Crosses for the DRC and Zaire are completely distinct in terms of design and ribbons.

The Operation Shaba (Katanga) Commemorative, the 20th Anniversary of the Popular Revolution, and the Medals of Conjugal and Maternal Merit are solely RZ medals.

The three medals issued by Katanga during its brief period of declared independence (1960-1963) vary greatly in terms of both quality (much better) and appearance from the medals of the DRC and Zaire.

Civic Merit Third Class (Zaire ribbon)

The following medals issued by the Former Belgian Congo and Zaire are not French, but are included here because they are often passed off as French or French descendant. The former French Congo, formerly an integral part of French Equatorial Africa, is now known as the Republic of the Congo.

Plaque gift of H. Meersschaert

Order of the Leopard Commander's Badge, Order of the Leopard Military and Civilian Division

Arts & Sciences Merit (1st through 3rd class)

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Civic Merit First Class and Agricultural Merit First Class and Third Class with Zaire ribbon

Military Cross of Zaire with Foreign Legion Palm
and Operation Shaba clasp

Operation Shaba Commemorative Medal, Military Merit Medal, Sport Merit Medal and Medal of Conjugal Merit

National Order of Zaire, Katanga Military Merit Cross, Katanga Order of Merit and Katanga Medal of Merit

National Order of Zaire

Maternal Merit Medal


Zaire Sports Medal and DRC Military Cross,20th Anniversary of the Movement of the Popular Revolution Medal and Order of Zaire (Zaire version)

Medal for Arts & Sciences Merit With Zaire Ribbon
& Order of Vaillance