French India The Dupleix Medal (1943 - 1954)
The Medal of Honor of the Force Publique, French India, also known as the Dupleix medal, was established on August 12, 1943. It is intended to recognize long and loyal service as well as acts of courage and devotion by members of the Force Publique. The 28 mm medal is issued in two classes: silver (first class) and bronze (second class). The obverse features the effigy of Governor-general Joseph Francois Dupleix surrounded by the inscription, ESTABLISSEMENTS FRANCAIS DANS LINDE above and DUPLEIX below. The reverse features the straight inscription, FORCE PUBLIQUE across its center and the curved inscriptions, MEDAILLE above and DHONNEUR below. The medal was no longer awarded after November 1, 1954.

The Dupleix Medal