Indochine Minority Areas

T'ai Federation Order of Military Merit - (1950-1954)
A 16-pointed 48mm silver star with points of alternating length and a dark blue center inscribed in T'ai script, MUONG-TA (T'ai Federation) surrounded by a silver beaded ring. The reverse is blank. The medal was awarded for acts of gallantry and military service in one class, but the recipient was graded on the award document.

T'ai Federation Order of Civil Merit - (1950-1954)
The T'ai Federation awarded this decoration for distinguished service in four classes (Grand Cross, Commander, Officer and Knight). Its design is based on four layered black and white Crosses of Lorraine. The square center with gold border is inscribed in T'ai, MUONG-TA on the obverse and FEDERATION T'AI on the reverse. The medal was manufactured in both France and in Vietnam. The Grand Cross badge is 88mm, the Commander 55mm and the Officer and Knight badges are 43mm. A rosette on the suspension ribbon distinguishes the Officer badge.

Medal of the Nung - 1954
French Colonial forces awarded this decoration in two classes (Officer and Knight) for meritorious service to military and civilian personnel of the Nung (Montagnard) tribe. The 34mm gold planchet features a stylized Chinese junk with two Chinese characters meaning loyalty, inscribed on the ship's hull. The inscriptions, TERRITOIRE AUTONOME NUNG and VIET-NAM separated by two stars surrounds the central design. A rosette on the ribbon drape distinguishes the first or Officer class, but none are known to exist.


T'ai Military Merit, T'ai Civil Merit & Medal of the Nung