Order of Merit - (1926-)
The Syrian government established this Order to recognize acts of courage and commitment. It was awarded in four classes (silver-gilt with two silver-gilt palms, silver with two silver palms, silver and bronze). Its design was changed in 1927 to a six-pointed white enamel star formed from the overlaying of two triangles. The central design is composed of six green enamel shapes emanating from a central green enamel shape. The reverse of the first version is inscribed in Arabic, STATE OF SYRIA, surrounded by the Arabic inscription, HONOR AND DEVOTION. The reverse of the second version is inscribed in Arabic, SYRIA MERIT. Its center is surrounded by the Arabic inscription, HONOR AND DEVOTION.


Order of Order of Ummayed Commander

Syrian Order of Merit, Order of Merit (version 2)

Grand Cross (version 2)

Order of Devotion,Order of Military Honor and Order of the Palestine Campaign

Order of Military Merit, Order of Devotion 3cl., Wound Medal, Long & Exemplary Service, and 25 year Service Medal

Syrian Arab Army Medal, Medal of March 8th
Order of Bravery, & Medal of Training

Plaque of the Order of Ummayed, Medal of October 6
50th Anniversary of the Army and Syrian-Russian Friendship Medal

Military Honor Plaque, Syrian-Arab Friendship Medal and Syria – Lebanon Peace 1977

Post Colonial Medals
  • Air Force Medal
  • Army Day Commemorative
  • Army Silver Jubilee Medal
  • Forty-Year Service Medal
  • Hero of the Republic
  • Medal of the 8th of March Revolution
  • Navy Day Commemorative
  • Order of the Syrian Family
  • 25th Anniversary of the Ba'ath Party
  • Union Order
  • Yarmuk Medal