Order of Nichan Iftikhar - (1832-1957)
Founded in a single class in approximately 1832 by Husayn II bin Mahmud Bey, the Tunisian Order of Glory was eventually expanded to six classes. Details and images of this somewhat complex Order will be set forth in a separate section.

Order of El Ahed-El-Aman - (1860-)
This Order was established on January 16, 1860 by Mohamed Es Sadok to honor the 1857 treaty with France, which made Tunisia a Protectorate. The Order, composed of two classes (Grand Cross and Commander) was reserved for high-ranking government and military officials and designed to recognize exceptional acts. The medal is a ten-rayed green enamel star, which represents the various arms of the Tunisian government. The Arabic inscription inside the circle of green emeralds reads, THE HONOR OF MANKIND. The planchet is suspended from a green enamel Saber of Islam.


Order of El Ahed-El-Aman Grand Cross and Breast Badge or Plaque

El Ahed-El-Aman Sash Badge

Order of Nichan Iftikhar Officer, Commander and Knight Classes

Police Medal of Honor (1927),
Medal of the 1864 Expedition & Military Medal(1st Version 1956-57)

Order of Independence (2nd Version)

Order of Republic (2nd Version), Plaque

Order of Independence,
Medal of Customs and Medal of Public Health

Order Merit 1ver

Order of Independence Officer
and Plaque (1st Version)

Order of Independence (1st Version) Grand Cross Set

Military Medal, Order of Merit Bourghiba (2nd ribbon)
& Medal of Honor Public Safety

Medal of Honors for National Police,
Presidential Guards & Prison Service

National Medal of Merit
and Order of Cultural Merit

Other Colonial Medals of Tunisia
  • Medal of the 1867 Expedition
  • Medal of the 1881 Expedition
  • Order of Nichan-ed-Dem (1839)
  • Police Long Service Medal
Post-Colonial Medals
  • Commemorative for the Evacuation of Bizerte
  • Labor Medal
  • Medal of Honor of the Youth
  • Military Merit Medal
  • Order of Agricultural Merit
  • Order of Education
  • Order of Engineers
  • Order of Maritime Merit
  • Order of November 7, 1987
  • Order of Sports Merit
  • Order of University Merit
  • Prize of the President for Human Rights
  • Special Medal