Peacekeeping Medals Page 2

TIP Hebron Medal 1994, WEU Mission Medal 1994
and MISAB Medal

NATO's newest medals: (1) International Security & Assistance Force, Afghanistan and NATO Maintenance & Supply Agency Service
and NATO Meritorious Service Medal

EUROFOR Service Medal

European Defense & Security Medals ARTEMIS Operations
and Staff Service and CONCORDIA Operations
& Staff Service

OSCE High Level Plannin and
EU Monitor Mission Kosovo

NATO Training Mission Iraq (NTM-Iraq)


SHIRBRIG Planning Element Medal

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ECEuropean Community
EDSMEuropean Defense & Security Medals ARTEMIS (Congo), CONCORDIA (Macedonia), EUPM (Bosnia) and PROXIMA (Macedonia)
ECOMOGEconomic Community (of West African States) Monitoring Group
EUEuropean Union
EUROFOREuropean Force
FOMUCForce Multinational (Economic Community of Central Africa)
ICSCInternational Commission for Supervision & Control 1967
ICCSInternational Commission of Control & Supervision 1973
INTERFETInternational Force East Timor
OASOrganization of American States
MFOMultinational Force & Observers, Sinai
MISABMission Interafrican of Surveillance of the Accords of Bangui, Central African Republic
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
SHIRBRIGMultinational Stand-by High Readiness Brigade
TIPTemporary International presence, Hebron
WEUWestern European Union