Saudi Arabia

Order of King Abdul Aziz (Commander and 3rd class)

Order of Social Service Plaque

Order of Abdul Aziz Grand Cross
& Order of Abdul Aziz Seoud

Liberation Of Kuwait Medal,
Combat Medal & Bravery Medal

Military Duty Medal 3 class, Education Medal,
Leadership Medal and Military Appreciation Medal

Military Management Medal, Military Service Medal
and Marksmanship Medal

Order of Abdul Aziz Plaque (1950) and Knight Type 2 (1964-1971)

Medal of Honor and Navy Medal 3cl

Order of Abdul Aziz Plaque and Medal for the 1979 Holy Mosque Intervention

Hejaz Kingdom Medal

Also known as the Ma'an Medal, it was awarded after W.W.I for general service in the Hejaz (a region in N.W. Saudia Arabia) during the Arab war of independence. The inscription reads, "Ma'an 1337