Algeria (page 2)

Post-French Period


Medal for Veterans of the Revolution
and the Medal of the Resistance

National People's Army Medal
& Medal of the Army of Liberation

Order of National Merit, & Knight & Commander Badges

Unofficial Medal for Artistic
& Musical Merit

FLN 50 Year Commemorative

Other Medals of Algeria

  • Lifesaving Medal
  • Medal for Resumption of Combat against El Kadar (1845)
  • Commemorative Medal for Colonization
  • Medal of the National Union of Reserve Officers
  • Order of the Silver Hand
  • Order of the Silver Saber
Post-Colonial Medals
  • Medal for the Gravely Wounded in War
  • Medal of Military Honor
  • Medal of Military Merit
  • Medal for Martyrs of the War of National Liberation
  • Medal for the Wounded

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