French Somaliland (Djibouti)

Order of Nichan-el-Anouar - (1887-1963)
The Sultan of Tadjourah, Haned-Ben-Mohamed, established this Order to recognize distinguished service to the Protectorate and to France. It was awarded in five classes (Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight). The design is a ten-pointed star, suspended from a European style crown, surmounted by a crescent. Smaller gold stars are affixed between each arm of the central star. The central design is blue enamel with a small gold star surrounded by an Arabic inscription on red enamel.

Order of Nichan-el-Anouar and
Djibouti National Order of Education with Original Ribbon

Djibouti MOH of the Nation, Medal of Vigilance and Defense of the Nation

Djibouti National Order of June 27 and
National Order of Education with Second Ribbon

Other Medals of Djibouti

  • Grand Star of Djibouti
  • Medal of Djibouti
  • Medal of Merit of Black Africa
  • Star of Bravery
  • Star of Devotion