Medals of Independent Lebanon

National Order of the Cedar (Lebanese Issue) 1959-

Miscellaneous Medals
1. War medal: Instituted of 6/2/1948. It is awarded to those who are cited for acts of bravery during war or internal security operations.

2. Military Medal: Instituted 6/2/1948 It is conferred on non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel for meritorious acts or years of service and to major-generals and above who have commanded the army two years or who have been appointed ministers.

3. Medal of General Security: Instituted 1/28/1975. It is awarded to General Security personnel for meritorious acts.

4. State Security Medal: Instituted 7/5/1994. It is awarded to State Security personnel for meritorious acts.

5. Medal of Competence: Instituted 1/29/196. It is awarded to members of the Internal Security Forces who are cited for acts of bravery.

6. Medal for Battle Wounds: Instituted 2/6/1948. It is awarded to members of the Armed Forces wounded in action.

7. Military Valor Medal: Instituted 8/18/1971. It is awarded to all servicemen in the Army, either for years of distinguished service or for acts of bravery in two grades silver for officers and bronze for other ranks

War Medal, Military Medal, General
Security Medal and State Security Medal

Medal of Competence, Medal for Battle Wounds
and Bronze Military Valor Medal