Ribbon Combinations

The Order is suspended from a 36mm ribbon in Western style. The traditional Vietnamese award, as presented by the Emperor on and after 1900, was suspended from a 22mm red ribbon with yellow edge stripes of 7mm each. Between 1886 and 1916, when presented for meritorious military service, the 22mm ribbon was white with 7mm orange-yellow edge stripes similar to the French ribbon for the Royal Order of Cambodia. The Order as presented by the President of France was suspended from a 22mm light green ribbon with 7mm orange-yellow side stripes.

The sash for the Grand Cross measures 101mm (67mm red with 17mm yellow side stripes). The service ribbon for the Grand Cross is 36mm with a rosette and gold wings. The service bar for the Commander grade has a rosette with silver wings. The service ribbon for the Officer grade has a rosette with no wings


The Order is known to have been manufactured by Arthus Bertrand, Boulanger, La Maitre and local Vietnamese firms.


In 1931, the Officer badge in silver gilt could be purchased in Paris for 95 francs. In silver gilt with a gold center it cost 120 francs and in gold, it cost 1,190 francs. Today, the Grand Cross is valued at 2,000 euros.